Well hello there friends!

I wish I had a lot to write here but there are just basics :)

Orders will be shipped on Thursday, Friday or Saturday every week.

If you would like Shipment/ Delivery confirmation be sure to add it to your cart so I know. If you choose to waive it missing packages that were mailed are not our concern any further then that :) I would recommend spending that extra dollar for peace of mind, I know I would!

All orders are sent US Postal Service. If you wish to have it sent via UPS or FEDEX please email me prior to your order so we can work something out.

Posters and poster sets are sent separately unless your order is large enough to merit the use of a box. Posters will arrive safely nestled in a poster tube.

Thanks for reading,
If you have any questions feel free to email me at Ms.M.Midnite@gmail.com