• Image of *New* MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM TV Collection #1 DVD
  • Image of *New* MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM TV Collection #1 DVD

1st episode from the 2014 ALL NEW MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM for commercial Television. The Return of Marlena, Robyn, Wolfred and the usual cast of characters. Marlena has moved into a brand new mausoleum that was built on top of a film distributors dumping ground... how appropriate. It contains the full episode (featuring Horror Express) + several Teaser and promo spots + outtakes from this episodes shoot. Also contains the #1 MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM MEGA-CARD... like a trading card... but HUGE and ONLY available with this DVD

16:9 widescreen
Dolby AC-3 audio

"The New" MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM DVD's will Limited to 500 copies each (so these DVD's will go fairly fast as they are replaced by new episodes)


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