Marlena Midnite- Undead Host of Midnite Mausoleum. Spends most of her time wandering around the mausoleum and watching terrible movies with friends and keeping Wolfred in line.
Cat- Stranded here on earth after her spaceship crashed in the desert, a chance encounter with Elizadeath lead to life after death and her daily confusing encounters with 'earthlings'. 
Elizadeath- Just your friendly neighborhood Grim Reaper! Galavanting between dimensions and helping Marlena and Cat traverse the afterlife all with picture perfect eyeliner and lashes.

Wolfred- Skulks around the mausoleum, making messes, listening to his record collection and working on his best worst jokes.

'Doctor' Thaddeus Bones- Fowl mouthed skeleton doctor that enjoys recounting his past escapades and trying to jump-start his social media influencer career shift.