Marlena Midnite & Skull 24 X 36 Poster - Buy 1 Get 1 Free !

$8.99 - $12.99
Marlena Midnite & Skull  24 X 36 Poster - Buy 1 Get 1 Free !

These begin shipping January 22, 2024


Brand New Poster for 2024 - Marlena Midnite and one of her favorite specimens grace this ghoulish photographic work of art. This glorious 24 X 36 poster of one of broadcast televisions longest running female horror hosts is printed on heavy duty gloss paper and ready to adorn the wall of your crypt.

BTW - Maybe you've noticed we haven't had posters for a while - at this point we turn the mic over to the USPS:
"Any parcel shipped with an impacted service with any side exceeding 22" in length will be subject to an additional $4 surcharge" APRIL 2022.

So, posters are 24X36 ...guess how long a poster tube is?
Yes, just to send a poster from here to San Francisco is now $9.17 (let alone the tubes and caps we have to buy, so "shipping" is even going to be more than that) so the USPS has really screwed up the poster business (at least OUR poster business)

Our Solution?
Selling 2 for the price of 1 !
To even make it somewhat worth the astronomical shipping cost you get the new poster and 1 other for one low price... so at least for the astronomical shipping charge you will get 2 posters... to see the options, take a look through the photos at the top of this listing... each option has a different 2nd poster and tells you which option to select down below... it's pretty self explanatory

There are also SIGNED option where you get both posters signed by Marlena and she takes the extra scratch and puts it in her coffee fund.

Grab them while you can!
Thanks to You for looking and NO THANKS to the USPS... we do what we can.