Midnite Mausoleum - all 4 * IT* blurays

Midnite Mausoleum -  all 4 * IT* blurays

ALL 4 "IT CONQUERED..." blurays shipped in 1 package - save a bundle in shipping!!

Keeping Horror Hosting alive on local broacast television !

8 complete broadcast episodes from 2022 ! Marlena Midnite and her friends host:

Atom Age Vampire
Messiah of Evil
Track of the Moonbeast
House on Haunted Hill
The Amazing Mr X
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
Santa Claus VS The Devil
The Screaming Skull

! Fun for all...
(NOTE: Messiah Of Evil has quite a bit of blood)

Get 8 great Midnite Mausoleum episodes on 4 blurays!

+ Promo Spot and outtakes.

Midnite Mausoleum in beautiful 1080 HD and dolby ac3 stereo.