Midnite Mausoleum Complete Shlocktoberfest Bluray set

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Midnite Mausoleum Complete Shlocktoberfest Bluray set

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MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM Shlocktoberfest complete bluray collection

New 2021 episodes to celebrate the greatest of all seasons !

6 complete episodes of one of America's longest running female television horror hosts ! Come join Marlena Midnite and her friends as they bring you 2 of the "Shlockiest" features to grace the big (and small) screen.
Killers From Space and The Ghost (extended length episode)
The Devil Bat (unaired exclusive) and Yongary - Monster From The Deep
The Giant Gila Monster and Grave of the Vampire !

Special Guest appearences by Dr. Sarcofiguy and David Dastmalchian.
+ 30 second TV promo spot
+ Bloopers and outtakes
+ an extended "Spooky Movie with Countess Spookula" mini episode featuring footage exclusive to this Bluray.

PLUS you get a special covid-era collectable - A FINE ARTS NIGHT FROM OUTER SPACE ! postcard for an event that never happened due to the school being shut down during the covid outbreak. .

Midnite Mausoleum in beautiful 1080 HD and Dolby AC-3 Pro audio (movies themselves are up-rezzed from 720 and are about the condition you expect for their age...)