• Image of MM Fine Arts Night poster & card

Own some obscure Midnte Mausoleum history. March 24, 2020 was supposed to be the Winola Elementary School FINE ARTS NIGHT FROM OUTER SPACE ! But alas COVID 19 has changed all that.

We designed and printed posters and postcards for the event which ends up being all for naught ... hmmmm.... well here is a good way to recoup our costs.

We are selling sets of 11 x 17 posters and 4x6 giveaway postcards made for the event.

So badically you'll get a rare bit of MM history... now the world being how it is, heres where things get complicated


1: you get a 9x12 envelope with the poster folded once and a postcard ... its quick... its easy and it goes out by the end of the week. This is option #1

2: if you have money falling out of your pockets and a poster with 1 fold in it would kill you... you can get the poster shipped separatly in a tube... option #2

3: if you HAVE to have the postcard autographed, we can do that too but you will be waiting a MINIMUM OF A MONTH for that to happen and it will get shipped together with a poster in a 9 x 12 envelope...option #3

4: if you are the most elite of MM fans and need the poscard signed PLUS have to get the poster shipped on a tube... it will take a MINIMUM OF A MONTH...it is option #4.



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